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Brown County, Indiana


 Amanda McMaine, M.S., E-RTY 500 will be returning to Indiana from Friday April 12, 2019 through Sunday April 14, 2019 for the 12th annual spring retreat at Brown County State Park's Abe Martin Lodge.
Amanda's spontaneous and gentle, yet precise style of teaching grows directly out of her 35 years of experience ‘on the mat' and can easily accommodate all levels of students. Her classes are ‘somatic meditations,' or meditations in movement, as she guides her students in understanding how the physical body is designed to contain, move and express pranic energy, both on the mat and in their daily lives. Beginning in stillness and slowly allowing the breath to initiate movement, Amanda crafts a creative, organic and deeply integrating progression in the poses. The incorporation of yoga nidra into the practice completes the journey, inviting deep relaxation, vibrant embodied wholeness, connection to Source and harmony with the world.

Amanda McMaine is an internationally recognized teacher who has spent her life in an intense study of body movement and a search for what truly frees and inspires our asanas and our lives. Her background includes a lifelong immersion into the many aspects of yoga. She has been profoundly influenced by some of the world's greatest teachers including Angela Farmer, Judith Hanson Lasater, Doug Keller, Thomas Myers, and Richard Miller. She holds a Masters degree in dance and kinesiology, Yoga Alliance certification as an experienced registered yoga teacher at the 500 level and Yoga Therapist, and advanced certification in iRest yoga nidra. Amanda brings to her teaching a broad knowledge base, warmth and eloquence of language, as well as insights gained from many years of focused introspection on the practice.

Stepping into the Depths...

The 2019 Retreat is designed for those students who wish to achieve subtle, refined understanding of yoga, drawing upon the natural intelligence and core strength that prana and this style of practice have to offer. The work done with Amanda will be slow, intense and deep, fostering a sense of ‘being' fully present, embodied, and alive. The retreat will give you the tools to take your current yoga practice to a new level of mindful awareness to draw on in both good and challenging times. Amanda's ability to seamlessly weave together all limbs of yoga, from philosophy to breath and asana, will bring your body, mind and spirit to an integrated, peaceful equilibrium. Allow Amanda to lead you along the illusive but cherished path of discovery of your own inner heart and wisdom, filling your yoga practice with insights for months to come,